History of Lubz

  • First production plan in Navi- Mumbai started with a production capacity of 600 KL/Annum.
  • The new product was ready and was introduced in state-run fuel-stations, workshops; and to retailers. The product was well accepted and hence warranted a need for a larger setup.
  • 3000KL capacity worth of plant was set-up
  • ARAI approval received for JIS-K-2234 class II 1987 , 1994 ASTMD 3306 approval received for anti- freeze coolants.
    Development for water based coolants.
    Development of organic acid technology for coolants Set-up of Supply chain, packaging ,die and distribution development.
  • Mauritius supply for Automech Ltd’s brand started.Approval received for Toyo Radiators- Japan from ‘TATA Toyo’- Pune for Coolants Alpump Ltd. water pump manufacturer to OEM tractor companies approval received.
  • Mahindra-Generator OEM supplies started to Mahindra’s Mumbai, Nagpur, Rudrapur, Vasai and Chakan plants
  • Mahindra Tractor-Plus Coolant , After-Market started for supply at over 900 Mahindra Company and Dealer workshops.
    Registered with All India State Road Transport and sole contract for supplies awarded for the Government buses.
    Supplies started to Mahindra & Mahindra Jaipur tractor assembly lines
  • OEM to Mahindra for manufacturing coolants for their ‘Powerol’ Generators.
    Coolant supplies started as an OEM to Gujarat Tractors Ltd., a Mahindra & Mahindra group
    Started production and pan India distribution of Mahindra Autochamp as an OEM to over a thousand authorized dealer and distributor points A coolant brand called ‘Toyota- Dynatrade’ launched in Dubai
  • Mahindra Navistar ( International trucks USA) OEM approval received for anti-freeze coolants.
    Mahindra Navistar ( International trucks USA) OEM approval received for windscreen washer fluids. After market brands also launched.
  • Mahindra Powerol generators approval for OEM and after market received. Production started.Nalcool 2000 equivalent to Nalco product developed and production started for the marine industry. DOT 3 brake fluid developed, tested at ARAI, Pune. Production started.
  • Launched Vegosyn Semi-synthetic which is used as a multi-purpose cutting fluid in industries.
    Launched Tata Toyo coolant for TATA- Authorized dealers and distributors and after-market sales.
    Dynamometer fluid for testing brand new engines developed for major OEM supplies
    Radiator flush OEM approval received for Mahindra-Powerol gensets.
    Würth GmbH car shampoos approved for domestic and exports.
    DOT 4 brake fluids approved by ARAI for Indian and International brands
  • Approval received for OEM supplies of coolants to Escorts tractors.
  • After market tractor coolant ‘Suraksha’ developed for Escorts tractors (India’s second largest tractor company).
    Developed new products such as tyre-shine, interior and body polish products for after market.
    Manufacturing of Lubricants, Greases, Adhesives and other Automotive Care products started.
    Acquired new clients as some of India’s top manufacturing and automotive companies such as Kohler, Tata Autocomp Services, Greave Cotton, Mahindra First Choice Services.
    WIP with a number of other manufacturers like Eicher, AML & Anand Group
    Clear coatings for automotives applications (NANO Technology) developed
  • Developed and started supplying engine oil to Greaves Cotton.
  • Started manufacturing coolants for Sonalika Plants & After market division.
  • Tied up with Kohler to supply Coolants & Engine Oil.
    OEM for Gujarat Tractors Ltd., a Mahindra & Mahindra group company, coolant supplies started.
  • Started Job work / Private labeling for number of companies.
  • Started supplying coolants to Pidilite.
    Tied up with BASF to supply coolants by the use of their additives, fill, pack and supply to their distributors in the name of German coolz.
  • Acquired new client, Preet Tractors, started supplying engine oil & coolants.
  • Tied up with VST Tillers Tractors Ltd for supply of Coolants.

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